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Fan Site for American Idol Season 8 Contestant Megan Joy.

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    Post by Angie Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:27 pm

    Because we want all of our members to feel at home and be comfortable here, some rules must be set. There are not many so please take the time to look them over.

    1. There will be NO bashing of any members or other websites or groups. Bashing will be handled seriously. Bashing, trolling, or flaming are reasons for your membership to be removed and your IP to be banned.

    * Please report any abuse to administration immediately. Do not try and handle things of this sort yourself, it will only result in the situation going further out of control.*

    2. All members will respect Megan, her family, friends and/or associates as well as any other Idol discussed on this board.

    *Keep in mind that there maybe people claiming to know Megan. Although we want to think the best of all our members, we must use caution and our own common sense.*

    3. Keep posts age and audience friendly. We're not too strict, but just keep in mind that we have members of all ages here. Smile

    4. Please feel free to share any updates, pictures, and/or media found here, but always give credit to the author and to the site. Pictures taken from this site to another must have permission from the photographer and photographer must always be given credit.

    *With relation to pictures, please do not upload pictures of Megan's son, Ryder, on this forum. We are not affiliated with Megan Joy personally; therefore, this action is prohibited. He's an adorable little fellow, but we must adhere to privacy restrictions. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.*

    5. Please try to keep posts on topic. Keep topics in the proper threads. There are PM's available for private messaging as well as general discussion areas and a chat room. Also, if you'd like a forum for something that is talked about often, please pm an administrator. Smile

    6. Make all posts readable and understandable. Please try to use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization in your posts. The use of excessive caps or netspeak is prohibited.

    7. Please remember that this is the internet and a public forum. Although you may feel comfortable with the people here, private information about yourself and others should never be posted. Please share private information via PM.

    8. "Cliques" are PROHIBITED! I know we all have certain friends that we enjoy and enjoy chatting with, but let's remember to be polite and friendly to all newcomers and invite them to chat. Please always try to make others feel welcome.

    9. Keeping a positive forum is our number one goal. I want everyone to feel comfortable, so if there is anything we can do to make the forum more comfortable or useful please let us know.

    That's all for now folks!! Wink

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